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Nov 1, 2012 10:30am PDT
of the committee is mr. victor young and mr. clerk, can you share with us your announcements? >> please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon today will be forwarded to the full board of supervisors meeting of november 20th, unless otherwise stated. thank you. >> i wanted to acknowledge our sfgovtv staff who are work on this hearing. that is nona and jesse larson. could you call our first item. >> item no. 1, resource approving and authorizing an agreement for the purchase of parcel of real estate located at 1550 evans avenue and 330 newhall street consisting of approximately 4.6 acres improved with 50,593 square feet of office and industrial buildings for the san francisco public utilities commission for a purchase price of $15 million, adopting findings under ceqa, adopting findings that the conveyance is consistent with the city's general plan and eight priority polices of city planning code section 101.1 and authorizing the director of property to executive documents make certain modifications and take certain actions in furtherance of this resolution. >> mr. u
Nov 17, 2012 2:00am PST
is mr. victor young. do you have announcements? >> yes. silence all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 20th, 2012 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. during public comments please line up on the left side of the room by the windows. >> just a few announcements before we begin. i do want to thank our clerk, sfgtv and building management for helping us to put up the lighting. many folks in the room may know we did have an electrical fire yesterday. that resulted in a fire. which is why we have the lighting that is up. i want to ask all the members of the public here with us say thank you for your patience. just a few things. i know there is a glare or light directly in your face. unfortunately we are not able to move that. we need to light the podium so sfgtv will be able to pick up the image on television and show or broadcast that. in addition to that the air conditioning is not on. so please do have patience with us today. we are g
Nov 29, 2012 2:30pm PST
of lithuania, consul of madagascar, mr. victor flores, from e
Nov 6, 2012 4:30am PST
would like to entertain a motion to excuse him. our clerk is mr. victor young. at sfgtv we have mark bunch and jesse larson. announcements? >> yes. please silence cell phones and devices. complete speaker cards and documents to be included as part of the file to be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be on the october 23rd, 2012 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. just going back to the earlier comments, supervisor avalos unfortunately is tied up at the bay air quality district and will not be able to attend in time. do we have a motion to excuse? >> motion to excuse. >> we have the motion. without objection. call item one, please. >> one, resolution authorizing recreation and parks to accept and expand habitation grant in amount of 163,587 from california department of parks and recreation for glen canyon loopside project. >> thank you, we have lisa wayne. >> tony moran, the grant manager. i will present the grant. i'm here to present to accept and expend habitat conservation fund grant for glen canyon creek side loop trail. a
Nov 9, 2012 9:30am PST
, the honorable dennis garrison, consul of lithuania, consul of madagascar, mr. victor flores, from the consulate of mexico and (inaudible) from mongolia and the honorable barbara (inaudible), honorable consul from the swazi republic. i would also like to recognize the honorable senator mark lenos, honorable eric mar, supervisor, chen ceto of the foundation. >> we also have some guests from the president of san francisco state university, dr. leslie wong, dr. frank hong,ment of santa rosa junior college, and dr. lisa stevens, president of the academy of art university. in the 33 year history of the campus, classes have been housed in over 30 different locations. we are very happy and proud to finally have a permanent home and a beautiful modern facility to train the future generations of students. this has been a 40-year journey for the community. some of you have been with us from the start. today we join together the community, the faculty, the students, the staff, the business community and our neighbors and friends to start a new chapter in our history. we'd like to introduce
Nov 29, 2012 7:30am PST
, relax. let victor enjoy himself. maybe jess is right. mr. brashov knows what he's doing. i think you have a customer. so, what'll it be ? - would you have dinner with me tonight ? - i have kids. -i didn't know you were married. -i'm not. but i was. and, you know, it's difficult to get a baby-sitter at a moment's notice. all right, well, then, how about tomorrow night ? i can baby-sit tomorrow. so it's settled. i'll pick you up at 7:00 tomorrow night. you know-- can i meet you ? sure. have you been to palmettos ? is that the only place anyone eats at these days ? it's a nice place. i go there a lot. have you been there ? no, but i know someone who has. i can probably get directions. terrific. so i'll see you there tomorrow night. - is 7:00 okay ? - 7:00 would be perfect. you know, i'd really like to ask you something. go right ahead. if you could eat at a place like this, why do you come to crossroads cafe ? sometimes i just feel like putting on a pair of blue jeans and getting a cup of coffee. fair enough. so are you having a good time ? here you are. - did
Nov 15, 2012 7:30am PST
it gets too busy. - okay, mr. brashov. - where are you going, victor ? i have a meeting with the bank. i am signing loan papers today. too bad. i was just about to set up the chess board. getting money from the bank is the one thing i like better than beating you at chess. good-bye, mr. brashov. there was something i wanted to tell you both, but i can't remember what it is. i'm sure you'll think of it later. the one thing victor needs more than money from the bank is a good night's sleep. it's a wonder he can remember his own name. crossroads cafe. yes, this is mrs. blake. when ? is she all right ? yes. no, i'll get there as soon as i can. rosa ! hey, this is not a train station. you don't have to yell. suzanne's in the emergency room. she fell at school. - oh, no. is she all right ? - i don't know. i've gotta go. yes, of course. katherine, do you need a ride ? are you okay to drive ? i'll be fine. thanks. how are you going to manage the lunch hour ? don't worry about us. just go. okay. i'll come back as soon as i can. oh. - henry, am i glad yo
Nov 8, 2012 7:30am PST
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Nov 1, 2012 11:00am PDT
an additional amendment that ted egan is here to explain, lines 14-16 and i have copies of that. again, mr. egan will explain that why it's necessary to calculate the base year payroll tax with the phase-in and exempting. so if i could give this to victor. with that i would either ask that you go to the budget legislative analyst or to ted egan. >> why don't we go to mr. egan first and then to the budget analyst. mr. egan. >> good morning, supervisors, ted egan, controller's office. the effect of this legislation will really be to bring the exclusion brand new in line with the way other payroll tax exclusions would be treated in the event that the gross receipts tax passes. effectively what that means is that the incentive will remain in place, which is to say businesses will be able to exclude growth in their payroll expense up to $250,000. through 2015. however, because the payroll tax rate will decline, as the payroll tax is phased out, the value of this incentive to businesses will decline at the same time. the amendment that miss stephanie refers to is one that changes the language on l
Nov 28, 2012 11:00am PST
of the committee, i'm joined by vice-chair supervisor avenue los. our clerk today is victor young and at sfgtv we have jessie larson and greg burk. mr. young, do you have any announcements for us? >> yes. please turnoff all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and any documents to be included as part of the [speaker not understood] should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on december 4, 2012 supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. would you call item 1? >> item 1, resolution approving cellular service equipment sites leases between new cingular wireless pcs, llc nextel of california, inc., and sprint spectrum realty, july 1st, 2009 for the term of five years and approving amendment 1 to the cellular service equipment leases. >> thank you very much for this item. we have cathy wetener from the airport. >> good morning, chair chu, supervisor avalos. [speaker not understood]. the airport is here seeking your retroactive approval for four leases with cingular, sprint-nextel, verizon and t-mobile to continue to provide cell
Nov 28, 2012 1:00pm EST
to the sponsor of this legislation, mr. mcclintock. mr. mcclintock: mr. speaker, i never met victor dew but i feel i've gotten to know him since the day he came home to granite bay to be laid to rest in a hero's grave in the midst of his family, his friends and neighbors, his community, and his comrades in arms. that day, i discovered that his next door neighbor is a longtime acquaintance of mine. he twheached young man grow up aened he was absolutely devastated. in his bitter sorrow he represented the anguish of an entire community that had watched victor dew grow up to be an always good natured, always helpful, always pleasant lad who everybody knew was destinned to do great things. that same day i met victor dew's younger brother kyle and i think i got a fitting glimpse of vic in his younger brother. kyle was at a table with a group of his grade school friends, when i offered my condolences, his friends say -- said, we came to cheer him up and he's cheering us up. that day, i met victor dew's parents, patty and. to whose intense pride in their son infused with sorrow and a transcendent dig
Nov 23, 2012 11:00am PST
against mr. morsi after these controversial decrees that he announced last night, victor, does he have the power to withstand these protesters? certainly the political landscape is in his favor, the security forces certainly back him. but these types of scenes will probably concern him if they last in the coming days. these are protesters, victor, determined to make their voices heard. >> reza this is reminiscent of what we saw during the arab spring and the ousting of mubarak. is it enough for the protesters that if mohamed morsi would reverse his assertions or do they want him out all together? >> reporter: tharl caey're callr his ouster all together. the same call they made in 2007 of the ouster of mubarak, you're hearing the same demands again. you would think maybe if mr. morsi reverses his decisions, maybe that would placate these demonstrators. but i don't see mr. morsi doing that. that would be a sign of weakness, certainly not 24 hours after he made those announcements, and we should also tell you that earlier today he came out and defended his position. he said he's the defen
Nov 11, 2012 7:00am PST
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Nov 27, 2012 3:00pm PST
of the ministers like the bishop and others down in -- victor curry and others turned that around the sunday before. but this was a direct strategy here, mr. greer. >> absolutely. i told you political consultants and the strategists are the ones who put this type of legislation together. they put it together to keep voters that typically won't vote republican from getting to the polls. the republican party needs to change the way it does business. it needs to embrace minority voters. it shouldn't give up on minority voters. and it should play by the election rules. not change the rules every couple of years to benefit the republican party. >> but even if -- >> the party -- >> -- they don't want to embrace minority voters. we're talking about them denying their right to vote. it's one thing if you have a strategy you don't want to go after people. it's another to deny them their rights. >> there's no doubt about it. the way the republican party in florida, some of its current leaders, some past leaders, and even in other states operate is to win at all costs. if we can't win on public policy positio
Nov 12, 2012 8:00am PST
. victor blackwell is there. going into our third week now, how did these people, victor, fall through the cracks? >> reporter: it has not been very easy at all ashleigh. i just climbed up to the 14th floor to talk to mrs. doris hood. she has been here since the 28th and she walked down just once to vote. and then walked back up. she has no running water, she has no heat, no electricity, she has gas so she has her oven on and that's how she's keeping her apartment warm. we have spoken with people about the conditions inside the building and we saw it for ourselves. the smell is horrendous because the incinerator doesn't work and people don't want to walk to the incinerator because it's dark leave it in the hallway. there's trash in the stairwells. you can smell it when you walk in. do not walk in without a flashlight because you'll walk into walls. a woman says that she is fed up. >> the smell is horrendous. the staircase is dark. it's just scary. every day i think i'm coming down the step, i might see a dead body somewhere. it's horrendous. >> reporter: now, again, this is not just on
Nov 30, 2012 6:00am EST
-- and mr. boehner, some of the republicans, are definitely eating a little post-election crow. receive knews are on the table. to see the deal that they came back with, to the victor goes the spoils and spoil the country and the process, you know, rise above. i drop my pen running to the camera. various lot of them going to wear them. in the true spirit to rise above, i would think everything we should cover today would be, you know not only are we not cutting spending, we are raising spending and raising taxes. when we think of bowles and mr. simpson, you know, what i found fascinating is, you know, who put that commission together? the president. we all keep talking about it like, you know, that was part of the campaign, you know, that was a centerpiece. seemed like everybody was onboard. becky, truly -- isn't it apparent why the president didn't do it? the deal is crazy. he doesn't want to can you spend. >> $1.6 trillion was not the number that surprised me. it is the $400 billion in spending cuts that surprised me. i don't know how you get to anything, anywhere close to 1 to 3 with
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)